Tuesday, 8 October 2013

New rumours about Wood Elves!

New rumours about Wood elves! New minis would be in february/march on our game table I want to know how they look :D

Plotki o Wood Elfach! Nowe figurki mogą zawitać na stołach w lutym/marcu i już chcę wiedzieć jak będą wyglądać.

                                                                                        Battlemage by Steve Argyle

- Megacaja Man Tree (Giant) / Durtu / Millennium cashflow

- Great Dragon Box Forest / Lord of the Forest / Sisters of Twilight
- Safety in Deer Forest Kournous
- Safety Kournous Riders (apparently nothing to do with the look of today, more fey and spiritual)
- Safety Wardancer / Forest
- Riders Box Falcon / Eagle Claws
- Safety Eternal Guard / Forest Banshees
- Blister Cantor of Trees
- Blister Lord of Forests
- Blister Skaw the Falconer


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